Sensual CBD Drops 1500mg

  • $79.95
Ohhh ma cherry! Our Sensual Blend is anything but cherry vanilla. Just a few drops of our custom lend will steam up the Vybe in the bedroom! Great to use to alleviate PMS pain, assist with Menopause irritation, assist with Erectile Dysfunction.


Active Ingredients: Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil, CBN, Ginkgo Bilboa, Maca Root

The Perks of Sensual Drops

  1. CBN known to help with Sexual Dysfunction and PMS Symptoms
  2. Low dosage for hitting the sheets, higher dosage for a great night's sleep
  3. Great for higher levels of pain and restlessness



    How to Use CBD Drops

    1. Squeeze dropper top for 1-3 drops
    2. Hold drops under tongue for 30 seconds
    3. Kick back and relax. Increase dosage as needed.