• $143.85

Say Bye to the Cramps

Are you experiencing  an increased state of anxiety, headaches, mood swings, and cramps? Our specially curated CBD has been shown to support the normal functioning of the body and deploy its powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can mean help with these symptoms.

The biggest perk of using the PMS Kit, is the natural herbal supplements  (Ginkgo Bilboa and more) that can support your healthy lifestyle before, during, and after your periods and help you feel relaxed and in control. We take out the good parts of weed and leave out the nasty side effects.

What's Included in PMS Kit

  1. Sensual Drops- 1500 mg of CBD + CBN 
  2. Pain Cream- 500mg of Highly Effective CBD 
  3. Tranquilitea- 900 mg of CBD Tea

PMS Kit Benefits

  1. This dynamic matchup of supplements are great for alleviating PMS issues
  2. Great for tackling abdominal and back pain
  3. Transcend your body into a state of relief