Sleep Kit

  • $160.75

Chase Those Dreams

At the end of a tiring day or a week, we are all looking for that peaceful bliss and a good night's sleep. But, when the light goes out most of us end up laying there with our eyes wide open. Missing just a few hours of sleep can not only mean a clear and visible change in the youthful exterior of your body, but overall, a loss of energy and a lot of tired pinned-up energy.

Here is where our Sleep Kit comes in, carefully curated with CBN, CBD, and Delta-8 products that will help your mind relax and take a journey towards blissful dreams.

What's included in Sleep Kit:

  1. Sleep Drops- CBN Drops
  2. Woo-Chao  CBD Chamomile Tea- 20 mg per tea bag
  3. Delta 8 Gummies- 25 mg per gummy