If CBD were a mood ring, it would be Vybe Kit. A product for every mood to get you through your day. If you need to destress, energize, boost your immunity, or even hit the sheets Vybe Kit is here to assist. Here at Vybe Kit, we are committed to nourishing your most divine self by giving you a luxurious blend of all natural, high quality CBD with a little extra umph!

The Owner


Brandi lives by the simple mantra, Happiness by any means necessary! This charismatic, R&B grooving, Southern Mama of two, knows the importance of being physically and mentally sound.

“When you’re a mom, it’s easy to put your health on the back burner and focus more on the needs of your family. For years, I’d ignored my signs of anxiety and depression because my son was diagnosed with allergy induced asthma at the age of 6 months old. My husband and I became dedicated to finding the ideal solution for him to live an inhaler free life. We began consulting with various herbalists and holistic doctors to find the perfect solution for him. Through my years of research, I was able to focus on my own problems and discovered the infinite benefits of hemp.”


Vybe Kit was created from Brandi's necessity to attain and consume cannabis in a more sensible fashion. She found that it was hard to squeeze in time to run by a dispensary and pick up new products.

"With my hectic life, I found it almost impossible to slow down to take a mental break in between business calls, coordinating flights and schedules, and kids activities."

Brandi's love for cannabis and cooking took full effect in the kitchen when she began making her own medicinals. It was through serving her products to family and friends that knew the world needed some honest TLC.

"I decided to combine the botanicals that my family uses with my homemade tinctures recipes to launch a Luxury CBD brand for the entire family to enjoy. Because let’s be real, aint nobody got time to sit in their own agony!"